Among the ruins - GAZA film festival

I just watched a clip of what i thought was an extremely touching, eye opening scene to Gaza and the people living there. The music is beautiful and the people excited to be a part of it. Gaza has had its first red carpet experience, literally. There was a film festival on human rights and nowhere else would this have been more fitting then in Gaza.

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Chilean Palestine

A Chilean football team called Palestino has redesigned their football gear and to say that it is AMAZING is an understatement. They have substituted the number 1 with the Palestinian flag and kept the colours of Palestine, red, white, black and green. 

In the 20's, Palestinian immigrants who fled to Chile founded a football club called Deportivo Palestino. This is based in Santiago. Chile has one of the biggest Palestinian communities outside of Palestine, 

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Rebuild Gaza

Some months ago, after operation Protective edge, Qatar became the first country to offer financial aid to Gaza. It has apparently bid between 1-5 Billion dollars to help reconstruct the city to rebuild the homes lost in this massacre. 

As of four days ago, several trucks have been arriving in Gaza to begin this new chapter. Its the first time since Israels military offensive that anyone has been allowed in to Gaza. The gulf state also hosts the exiled leaders of Hamas, the Islamist faction that still dominates Gaza.

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100 most powerful women in the Arab world

I write this with great pride an pleasure to have so many wonderful women in the Arab world who are making a difference in every different aspect of the market.

I have been noticing that the media has been focusing a lot on positive news about Arabs and Muslims. Not the mainstream ones necessarily but the ones that I read.

This is a great list to be part of and 5 out of 100 are from Palestine. AMAZING!

Teach them from when they are young to be strong successful women of our future generations!

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Palestine on a Plate loves.....


Although this is not necessarily recent, it is still valid. Turning a negative situation into a positive one is always a good thing, and no better way to do it than with art.

Of course everyone and their mother saw what happened last year in Gaza, and if you didn't you must have been on another planet.

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Loyd Grossman and I

Being a chef is a hard job and working hard means that you get a great reward after. This has definitely been the case for me. I met Loyd Grossman in my restaurant Baity Kitchen a few years ago. He was a regular there on the weekends. I loved that he loved my place.  I also love him as a person and for all the work he has done and continues to do. His sauces are the best out there!

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Palestinian reality, in Belgium

I stumbled across this the other day and I thought how amazing this was. Based in a very central main European country and town with people from Palestine showcasing first hand their feeling, their experience and their love for Palestine.

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