Palestinian reality, in Belgium

I stumbled across this the other day and I thought how amazing this was. Based in a very central main European country and town with people from Palestine showcasing first hand their feeling, their experience and their love for Palestine.

What a wonderful world we are in to have this possibility to show case what beauty there is in our home. Thank you Belgium and Brussels for allowing this to happen and showcasing our voice. The voice of Palestine.

Below is an example trailer of what is being showcased.

Eye on Palestine is a festival that promotes quality and stimulating Palestine-related film and arts in Belgium. This will be held during the months for March and April.

Born in 2010 the festival has grown from an exclusively film based program to one that also includes visual and live arts, theater and music performances along with lecture and debates.

Eye on Palestine offers a platform for artist to express their views on the Palestinian reality.
At the same time the festival wants to inject the belgian cultural world with critical and important work that is rarely seen in commercial circuits. The festival takes Palestine to Belgium by bringing the audience together with young and established Palestinian and international directors, artist, writers, musicians, scholars and activists.

Eye on Palestine is a non-profit social and cultural project realised by a wide range of Belgian organizations and institutions and many volunteers

Amazing stuff.

With Love, From Palestine