Classic cars in Gaza

Before the war in Palestine and Gaza in particular, the cars that were being driven around were fashionable and trendy, from Europe and home built. They had since been taken over by the Jewish community/soldiers to use while patrolling the area. 

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Rebuild Gaza

Some months ago, after operation Protective edge, Qatar became the first country to offer financial aid to Gaza. It has apparently bid between 1-5 Billion dollars to help reconstruct the city to rebuild the homes lost in this massacre. 

As of four days ago, several trucks have been arriving in Gaza to begin this new chapter. Its the first time since Israels military offensive that anyone has been allowed in to Gaza. The gulf state also hosts the exiled leaders of Hamas, the Islamist faction that still dominates Gaza.

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Loyd Grossman and I

Being a chef is a hard job and working hard means that you get a great reward after. This has definitely been the case for me. I met Loyd Grossman in my restaurant Baity Kitchen a few years ago. He was a regular there on the weekends. I loved that he loved my place.  I also love him as a person and for all the work he has done and continues to do. His sauces are the best out there!

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