'The food of Palestine is mouth-watering and colourful. This treasure-trove of a book shows it at its best.' 

- Sami Tamimi, coauthor of Ottolenghi: The Cookbook and Jerusalem

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Palestine on a Plate has been a long time in the making. It is through years of sitting with my mother, aunties and grandmothers listening to their conversations and being included in their daily cooking adventures that I became engrossed in food. From their love and passion for cooking, my journey began as a chef and has continued through to this day. Palestinian cooking is not fussy, but delicate and beautiful. Delicious and captivating. The recipes found in this book are mainly unchanged since my grandmothers time, and with every recipe you will have a beautiful photograph to follow guiding you to see what the end result is. 

This book caters to vegans and vegetarians, and also with a great mix of fish and meat dishes for everyone else. There are delicious and surprising breakfasts eaten traditionally back home and wonderful options for your lunches and dinners to feed yourself, friends and family. 

There has been a huge surge of Middle eastern food in recent years and few cookery books that focus on the food of Palestine. While many countries in the Middle East have dishes in common, each has their own interpretation and style.This book will show our traditional methods and cooking before my grandmothers had left Palestine and only knew this way of cooking, evoking the vibrancy and romance of Palestine.

From Palestine, With Love.

- Joudie Kalla

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