Rebuild Gaza

Some months ago, after operation Protective edge, Qatar became the first country to offer financial aid to Gaza. It has apparently bid between 1-5 Billion dollars to help reconstruct the city to rebuild the homes lost in this massacre. 

As of four days ago, several trucks have been arriving in Gaza to begin this new chapter. Its the first time since Israels military offensive that anyone has been allowed in to Gaza. The gulf state also hosts the exiled leaders of Hamas, the Islamist faction that still dominates Gaza.

The head of the Qatari project said that :

Qatar made a pledge at the donor’s conference. Today we are putting that into effect, by beginning the construction of 1000 housing units
— Mohammed Al-Emadi

The Palestinian government and Israeli authorities have worked together with the Qatari's to ensure that the equipment needed and building materials were allowed through. This is a good sign for Palestine and its people especially in Gaza. 

Last years onslaught made over 100,000 homeless and this type of help is not only received with open arms, but s very much needed on a humanitarian level. there are over 1.82 million people living in 360km of space so this destruction is on a massive scale. 

As Qatar is in the foreground of helping the Gazan people, Norway has potentially taken charge as the first EU country to volunteer to be in the forefront to oversee the rebuilding of Gaza and make sure that the funds available are sent to the right place, used correctly and help to aid and rebuild the city.  A great step to a brighter future hopefully. They have already gone to Gaza last week to investigate what can be done to accelerate this. 

May this bring peace to some at least

With Love, From Palestine