Two recipes and a great review

Since beginning this journey of Palestine On A Plate i have had some wonderful encounters with people and some also very aggressive ones too. But since I am here to promote positive sides of Palestine, i shall not go down that road. 

A couple of months ago a lovely woman called Vered Guttman write me an email from Haaretz Newspaper. She asked me if i was interested to have an interview with her for the news paper and discuss my Palestinian App. I said that i would be more than happy to and we scheduled a date and a time. 

We talked about my life, my mother, father, sisters and brother. Palestine of course and how and why it has affected me to write this App. We laughed a lot and and had many things in common and through this she managed to write an article that was so gentle and really caught the essence of what I am doing with this.

A week or so later, i was on a mini break to visit Amsterdam and I received the link to the article. I can say that i am extremely happy with it and hope you are too. If you read it there are 2 recipes that feature in the write up that are from my App which you can follow and make. The link is here

 Please do let me know what you think and when you have tried the recipe how they turn out. 

With Love, From Palestine