Among the ruins - GAZA film festival

I just watched a clip of what i thought was an extremely touching, eye opening scene to Gaza and the people living there. The music is beautiful and the people excited to be a part of it. 

Gaza has had its first red carpet experience, literally. There was a film festival on human rights and nowhere else would this have been more fitting then in Gaza. The red symbolises so much more then an entrance to an open air theater set amongst the ruins of peoples homes and lives. It is a symbol for all the blood that was shed and lost in the last summer of 2014, where thousands were killed. 

This Karama (dignity) festival held its first home here in Gaza and it was surely a spectacle for all to see and be involved in. The organiser, Saud Aburamadan, couldnt have chosen a better place. 

When we were looking for loctaions to screen the films, we arrived in Shujaiyeh, in Eastern Gaza City, a large part of which was turned to rubble. We stood next to the destroyed mosque, surrounded by destroyed homes in every direction, and became clear that it was the right place to hold the film festival focused on human rights.
— Saud Aduramadan

28 films were screened over this 3 day event in Gaza, which had films from all over the Middle East, such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and many more. The whole town had gathered down to watch this and it brought normalcy to their extremely disrupted lives. A sign of hope that there were films out there educating people about what is happening in war torn countries. 

May these humanitarian agencies continue to do their work to help, showcase and bring some sort of life back to everyone in need of it. 

With Love, From Palestine