Palestine On A Plate Loves.....

Vintage posters. 

I was going through many websites sitting in a cottage in Whitstable having a very relaxed time reading and writing blog posts that show positive things in Palestine, and I came across some amazing vintage posters that were done int he 20's and 30's in Palestine. 

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After Banksy's Visit....

These kids in this video are amazing. They are on the ground in Gaza. They are telling it like it is. No hiding no faffing around. But they are making it cultured. They know who Banksy is. They sing Hip Hop and on top of that a girl is doing it. She is cool and contemporary.

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100 most powerful women in the Arab world

I write this with great pride an pleasure to have so many wonderful women in the Arab world who are making a difference in every different aspect of the market.

I have been noticing that the media has been focusing a lot on positive news about Arabs and Muslims. Not the mainstream ones necessarily but the ones that I read.

This is a great list to be part of and 5 out of 100 are from Palestine. AMAZING!

Teach them from when they are young to be strong successful women of our future generations!

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