Chilean Palestine

A Chilean football team called Palestino has redesigned their football gear and to say that it is AMAZING is an understatement. They have substituted the number 1 with the Palestinian flag and kept the colours of Palestine, red, white, black and green. 

In the 20's, Palestinian immigrants who fled to Chile founded a football club called Deportivo Palestino. This is based in Santiago. Chile has one of the biggest Palestinian communities outside of Palestine.


The Club introduced new uniforms in 2013 which were not received well by the Jewish Chilean community and due to the complaints, they were fined and ordered to change them as they had replaced the numeral one with a map outline of historic Palestine. Although they changed the uniform, it still had the same sentiment with the historical Palestine on the shirts. 

The club were forced to change this but made a statement on their Facebook Page saying "For us, Palestine with always be historical Palestine, Nothing less. "

This conflict between Chile’s Palestinian and Jewish communities drew extensive, international media attention, leading to an outpouring of expressions of solidarity with Palestino. The redesigned uniform became a hotly coveted item, and at peak demand the club sold over 7,000 jerseys to customers all over the world.