Isn't it an amazing thing when technology can become a weapon for good rather than evil, to help change the idea and thought about something or someone. Hamas are suggesting a new way that is in their control, to answer questions from the public via twitter with the hash-tag #AskHamas.

Hamas supporter.jpg

They are wanting to dispel this thought that they are a terrorist organisation and want to be acknowldged as legitimate Palestinian resitance fighters chosen by the people. 

The Campaign is aimed at rejecting the labelling of Palestinian resistance as ‘terrorists’.
— Taher al Nounou - Hamas media coordinator.

This campaign is obviously targeted at westerners to ask any question they want in relation to Hamas and will be answered by senior leaders to give as accurate answers as possible. They want to EU to remove Hamas from the list of terrorist organisations as they relive they are chosen and acting on behalf of people who don't have a voice or ability to fight back.

Even before this went live, the tweets had reached in excess of 170,000 which is incredible, although, most of these were sarcastic, jokes and not really in the spirit of what this whole campaign was about. 

Lets see how this goes and hopefully we will get somewhere closer than where we are now. It is sad that so many people ruing moments like this to ask stupid questions when you are given a platform to potentially make something better, if not great, but i suppose that is life and what ignorant people do. 

To all the ones who are asking relative questions, may you get your answers. Here's to hope and peace!

With Love, From Palestine