I started this app/blog with the intention to bring a voice to Palestinian Food, Culture and history. I have loved receiving all types of messages and connecting with people from all over who have shown support and some whose eyes have been opened. This world of the internet and cyberspace is truly wonderful. Occasionally you will bump into a few who show hate and disgust but with that you just have to turn the other cheek. I have learnt that from my mother, who is one of the greats! 

Through this journey i have had the opportunity to meet and work with some fantastic people at some great events and will continue to do more. In this journey i have also encountered some talented people from 'home'. Being Palestinian is one of the greatest things about me, and although i am political about my background i like to focus on the positive things about our people. We have a lot to offer, and we are creative, dynamic and truly wonderful to know. Being Palestinian allows us to grow in many fields an be great at it. It is almost with added uuummpphh that we do things. To be better, to do better and to be heard. To show love for our country.

One woman i have just come across is an American Palestinian called Marguerite Debaie. She is an illustrator in Brooklyn New York. Through her illustrations she discusses issues such as politics, conversations, awkwardness, history, feeling apart from what is happening, connection, not being able to feel bad about our situations in the US or Uk or anywhere compared to what Palestinians are going through. Art, food, writing, theater, music are all ways in which we can communicate our heritage.

Here are some of her works for you to see. 

You can find more information about her here

With love, From Palestine