Birds not Bombs

Last week a young girl aged 15 won an award. Why is this relevant? because she is Palestinian and also a Brit. Her poem 'Birds Not bombs' retells the story of The nakba -

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Palestinian food truck - first of its kind

In the West bank things are difficult, but nothing is stopping two men from living their dream to open and run a food truck serving delicious food. The first of its kind in Palestine which opened in Ramallah in a fruit and vegetable market. 

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Palestine is Beautiful .....

Lina Sleibi, has had music in her blood since birth. She comes from an artistic family in Palestine and through out her young diverse career as a singer she has reached a wonderful high note by covering the ever so famous Dalida's song Helwa ya Baladi. 

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March Supperclub

This year has been filled with some amazing things happening to me and Palestine On A Plate. And if it wasn't for all of you amazing people

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Supperclub menu

I have really enjoyed hosting my supperclubs this past year and have had the most amazing incredible success selling them out in a day. I guess all my custoemrs of past have been waiting for a little come back. Well here i am again. I am going to be hosting one supperclub a month till my book comes out and maybe even more than one a  month. 

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My cookbook and a recipe for you!

I know that i told you last week about my new cookbook Palestine On A Plate, and that it is coming out this Autumn with Jacqui Small Publishing. I cannot believe what a gorgeous book it is shaping up to be. You will love it. 

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MY COOKBOOK - Palestine On A Plate

Hi Everyone. 

Some FANTASTIC news. I have now been able to say that i am releasing my first cookbook in 2016.  It will be called the same as my Instagram account "Palestine On A Plate". It is through the wonderful work of my agent Heather Holden Brown and my Publisher Jacqui Small that this amazing beauty has come to life. 

I have to say that even though it is my book, it is absolutely gorgeous. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing it, doing the recipes. having to do some research on Palestine and getting very inquisitive with my family about their history. 

This book will be filled with so many classics from Palestine and National dishes but most importantly many many vegetarian dishes. It is colourful and vibrant and full of flavour. 

To have more information about when it is released and my supperclubs click on the link below and you will get all the info when its time. I promise not to spam you. I only email when there is an event or an important notice to share.

Thank you so much for being a part of my journey. 


With Love, from Palestine. 

Peace cafe

In times of hardship and war some people get it right. And by this i am talking about an Israeli cafe owner who has been promoting peace and togetherness by offering discounts to Jews and Arabs who eat and sit together. Breaking bread together so to speak. 

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Recipes and the App

Dear all, 

On purchasing this app, you will be paying for 50 recipes which were being updated weekly till it reached that amount. This is stated before purchasing the app in your app store.

Unfortunately all the other recipe creations will not be published on the app as they are being kept aside for a Cook Book i am writing. I hope you enjoy the recipes and continue to make them and share your creations with me.

Till the cook book..... Which i am sure you will all love. Joudie

With Love, From Palestine


The Keffiyeh has been synonymous with Palestinian people for as long as i can remember. It is a symbol of courage, resistance and identity. It was made famous by Yasser Afarat as a peice of clothing he wore daily and became a part of Palestinian pride.

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SupperClub at The Mosaic Rooms

I have been asked to host a Supper Club this October in part of the Nour Festival that happens yearly in London. I immediately said YES as more people should be aware of the the gorgeous cuisine of Palestine.

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Jon Snow - Gaza exhibition

So i heard the most wonderful news the other day about Jon Snow and how he 'smuggled' a Palestinian's art work out of Gaza for a show in London In Kings Cross. The artist is not able to travel out of Gaza and therefore Mr Snow kindly took the artwork out of Palestine himself. 

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So I've been lucky enough to have cooked for some wonderful people since i have been a chef. And more so since i have started my Palestine on a Plate Journey. I created a menu that i felt was diverse, and large enough to show some particular favourites of my country and hopefully ones that you will love too. 

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Speed Sisters

One of the most interesting thing about our times and generation is the news and how we can access it so quickly. I love all things positive and don't watch regular news that much unless there is something catastrophic that is happening and needs our attention.

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