March Supperclub

This year has been filled with some amazing things happening to me and Palestine On A Plate. And if it wasn't for all of you amazing people who are supporting, cheering me on and coming to EVERY event, this would just be another Supperclub and just another Middle Eastern cookbook. But this is so much more. 

I literally feel this through my veins and cannot explain to you how much it has made my family and friends proud that this is taking shape and about to have its next breath. These supperclubs have given me a base again every month to literally see each and every one of you and thank you for loving what i am doing. So every month i am hosting a supperclub with a different menu with recipes from my book. 

Here is the Menu:


Orange blossom Champagne on arrival


Pumpkin Muttabal with fresh mint with Palestinian olive oil

Grilled Large prawns with spicy coriander, garlic, lime youghurt dressing

Teta Najla's Green falafel with tarator sauce

Rahib Salad - Smokey aubergine salad with fresh herbs and tangy lemon dressing draped in pomegranate seeds



Fennel Apple salad with dill vinaigrette

Sumac Tomatoes with fresh mint and Palestinian olive oil

Makloubeh - Upside down spiced rice dish with slow cooked lamb and fried aubergines drizzled

in almonds and pine nuts



M'tabak - Halloumi and ricotta pastry drizzled with lemon sugar syrup and rose petals.

Click below for booking

The supperclubs are selling out within 48rs and this one is no exception. So please if you have missed out on a few before, please do book. 1/3rd have already gone in the last couple of hours since being live. 

I hope to see you there. 

With Love, From Palestine