Peace cafe

In times of hardship and war some people get it right. And by this i am talking about an Israeli cafe owner who has been promoting peace and togetherness by offering discounts to Jews and Arabs who eat and sit together. Breaking bread together so to speak. 

The place is called Hummus Bar, which sells, of course the most controversial food disputed by Arabs and Jews as to its origin. They say on their website that they serve the best Arab Hummus and great Jewish Falafel. 

Since this advert has been up they have enjoyed a real success of people taking them up on this and also not accepting the discount but paying the full price as they are very happy that this is going on and a step towards a unified Palestine. Food is by all means a great way to break bread and to bring a people together.

If there’s anything that can bring together these peoples, its Hummus
— Tzafrir