Muhammad Ali - A send off you won't forget

So how do you send off a legend like Muhammad Ali?!? Its very hard, but after watching video after video of his funeral it dawned on me how much more amazing this man was than i had ever thought. I have always had a huge amount of respect for him as a person who fought the odds during times where it was impossible to be heard being who he was. That time, and sadly still to this day it seems that incredibly impossible situations are still happening. 

I watched his good friend Billy Crystal make a speech which made me laugh and cry, touching on political points and historic moments. Really describing him in words that don't seem worthy of him. But in the end he was described as Lightning. The moment it has impact on the ground, where everything is illuminated, frightening, powerful yet beautiful and enchanting. I loved that!

But why am i writing this post on Palestine On A Plate? I am writing this because of Rabbi Lerner that came on just before who spoke so beautifully and powerfully about our people and our country Palestine, how Muhammad Ali stood up for our people and how he, the Rabbi, as a Jewish preacher cannot allow what is happening to us to continue. It was beautifully said and touching. My words wont do it justice so i urge you to watch it and see for yourself. 

To a legend, a great man and a humanitarian. May you rest in peace. 

From Palestine, With love.