Jon Snow - Gaza exhibition

So i heard the most wonderful news the other day about Jon Snow and how he 'smuggled' a Palestinian's art work out of Gaza for a show in London In Kings Cross. The artist is not able to travel out of Gaza and therefore Mr Snow kindly took the artwork out of Palestine himself. 

Madjal Nateel

Madjal Nateel

Jon Snow has been a regular visitor to Gaza over the years and made an urgent appeal after he visited last year when Israel attacked Gaza for a 51 day Massacre. When he was there he said he had never seen anything like this and the images would never leave his mind. He wept on the plane back home to London from the atrocities that happened there. 

Madjal Nateel is the artist that he spoke with and he agreed to take hundreds of her paintings out of Gaza to have them displayed in London. The artists work are all painted on cement bags and each contained some rubble or cement from homes that were destroyed in the Gaza attack last summer. They are painted in the style of a young child to depict "the lost dreams of children who had died in Gaza last year".

The Exhibition opens this week on the 7th and and will showcase other art from the area and some images and videos by other artists. I will also be doing to the catering for the event which is fantastic! I cant wait to be a part of it........ Please attend and be sure to try some fod and buy some artwork!

About the artist :

"Majdal Nateel was born in Shati Refugee Camp, Gaza, in 1987. Nateel’s works are loaded with symbolism. The source of her inspiration is her home Gaza and its people. As with many other Gaza-based artists she uses her art to liberate herself from the anguish of the tragedies of Israeli incursions and bombings of the strip. Yet, despite these tragic circumstances and perhaps as a result of them she applies bright and vibrant colors such as yellow in her new works to propose a new appreciation of life. Therefore, there is a kind of juxtaposition in her current works where life and death, destruction and hope are not only contrasted but seem to co-exist. During the bombings she would put her brush to paper and let her emotions flow on the sound of bombs."

The Exhibition will be held at P21 Gallery

With Love, From Palestine