Birds not Bombs

Last week a young girl aged 15 won an award. Why is this relevant? because she is Palestinian and also a Brit. Her poem 'Birds Not bombs' retells the story of The nakba - The Palestinian Catastrophe and her passion and enthusiasm got the attention of the world, not just the UK where she was entering. It was the regional Jack Petchy 'speak out' challenge that she won and was disqualified from. 

This young girl caused controversy due to her subject matter, but for her this is real life for many of her family who still live in Palestine and have suffered the Nakba first hand. I usually focus my writing here on positive things, and this is both positive and negative as she was eventually disqualified from the competition due to her subject matter after many complaints flooded in. But the positive thing is that her message was brave, it was strong and it was beautiful! 

Whatever was written about her and the fact that she was disqualified is irrelevant, she got more notice for her being withdrawn from the contest and it has raised interest in what her message is. 

You can watch the video by clicking here.  

To freedom of speech and poetry in times when we need to show more positivity towards our country and its people by writing, singing, cooking, creating and using our voices for a better Palestine. 

Well done Leanne!

From Palestine, With Love