Finally here

Palestine On A Plate has been a long overdue labour of love and from the insistence of my friend Steph, I wouldn't have done this. He pulled this all together and pushed me forward to bring our home cooking to the forefront. He started an Instagram page and Facebook page, registered everything and off we went.

I used to have restaurant in London called Baity Kitchen, which means 'My home' Kitchen. I cooked what I liked, and changed the menu everyday incorporating all my Palestinian heritage in the food. People loved it. They went crazy fro Freekeh (a super food), the zaa'tar and pomegranate molasses, mint, labneh, Sayyadiyeh with tarator sauce. The list goes on.

Below is an image of my chairs and table. I chose the chairs for the Evil eye, to keep negative energy out. I loved it. Vibrant and full of passion.


It was an extremely humbling experience for me and I was shown so much love and support from strangers for the love of Palestinian food, who still to this day I am in touch with and share recipes and work with them on projects.

Unfortunately I had to close due to rent increases and so on but Baity lived on. I do catering, cooking lesson, parties and write blogs and apps, menu creating, food photography and project development that is food related.

This app is really a selection of recipes that people loves, enjoyed and wanted to know more about. There will be additions coming later such as video blogs with me showing you how to cook things and also more recipes added along the way.

I really do hope you find some delicious recipes in here and if you want to see something that is not on the app please do leave me a comment and I will try my best to add it soon.

With Love, From Paletstine