Palestine On A Plate Loves.....

Vintage posters. 

I was going through many websites sitting in a cottage in Whitstable having a very relaxed time reading and writing blog posts that show positive things in Palestine, and I came across some amazing vintage posters that were done int he 20's and 30's in Palestine. 

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Clowning Around

Everyone needs to smile and to forget things that can cause stress and heart ache. And I cant think of any people more in need of this then the Gazan People. After the 3 wars that they have seen and endured and the massacre of the last summer, their children are being left with scars so deep that they are suffering incredibly high delayed traumas and psychological breakdowns.

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Royal Support......

Having friends who you have not seen in years doesn't mean that they don't support you. I thin I haven't seen Danielle Newnham in 20 years, but she has been supporting me as have other girls I went to school with from Queens College. Our whole year turned out to be extremely artistic and very strong and vocal.

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