Royal Support......

Having friends who you have not seen in years doesn't mean that they don't support you. I think I haven't seen Danielle Newnham in 20 years, but she has been supporting me as have other girls I went to school with from Queens College. Our whole year turned out to be extremely artistic and very strong and vocal.

Danielle and her sister Natalie started a new business called Tease and Totes which I have added a link to .  Creating a line of clothing with fierce slogans for every woman.

Danielle writes a blog and on Wednesdays she writes about the Wednesday Woman, and this week ITS ABOUT ME! How amazing is that.

Support from all angles is the best especially fro people you met in your childhood. Its the encouragement and positivity everyone needs and I have to say it really made my week seeing this.

Thank you!

With Love, From Palestine