Clowning Around

Everyone needs to smile and to forget things that can cause stress and heart ache. And I cant think of any people more in need of this then the Gazan People. After the 3 wars that they have seen and endured and the massacre of the last summer, their children are being left with scars so deep that they are suffering incredibly high delayed traumas and psychological breakdowns.

Locals have launched an intiative to try to take their minds of what has happened, even if it just for a moment. This is sponsored by the Palestine Trauma Centre.

Gaza Clowns.PNG

Jaber Thabit a psychologist brought together a group of people from neighouring towns to dress up as clown and entertainers to come to Gaza and help ease the pain of the trauma and psychological break that these children have had. Lifting them from their state of sadness.

This amazing idea has reached over 50,000 children and given them a moment to forget their battle field and focus on what children should be doing, laughing and playing.

What an amazing idea and may it long continue.

With Love, From Palestine