My Inspiration....

Growing up my inspiration has always been my mother. She is a strong, loving , charming, Palestinian woman who loves food. Our home was centred around the kitchen and dish after dish was being made by her an eaten by us. It was quite remarkable really how she kept up with all of us.

My mother grew up in a big household of 11 brothers and sisters and its in her nature to feed and love and she has passed this onto all of us. Its infectious really.

My Amazing Palestinian Mother!

My Amazing Palestinian Mother!

Her food has been requested by many and our friends used to come over just to have lunch and dinner and take doggie bags with them. That's when I realised why my mother loved the kitchen so much. It gave her inner peace as your mind totally shuts down and then it gave her pure satisfaction that people loved her food so much after all the hard work and effort she put into making it.

You can ask any chef what it feels like to have that response from someone eating your food. Its a dream and you couldn't ask for anything more. I know that's all it took for me. May she live long and keep delivering delicious recipes to be passed down for generations to come. Here's to 'Palestine On A Plate', an ode to Fadia.  

From this wonderful lady, I became who I am. A lover of all things foodie and beauty. I hope to share many more things with you all.

With Love, from Palestine....