Palestinian Prodigy

While growing up as a refugee in Lebanon Iqbal Al Assaad has had a dream since childhood to be a doctor when she grew up, to help Palestinians and relative she used to visit on trips back home in Palestine. 

Iqbal was already ahead of her class at the tender age of 13 and had already learnt what she had to for University at medical school. She was noticed by the Lebanese education minister who helped secure her a position in Cornell's medical branch in Qatar. And now that she has graduated she wants to put her skills to good use. She is the Youngest medical student to have graduated and also the youngest Arab student to have graduated from medical school as well. Such a wonderful claim to have.

Unfortunately for her she cannot work in Lebanon as the rights for Palestinian refugees is limited. These positions that become available are given to Lebanese students to work over Palestinians and other nationalities. Refugees are simply not allowed to work in the public sector in Lebanon. 

So Iqbal has now gone to America to work in Ohio to have more experience in her field of medicine. She hopes to one day be working back in Qatar, which gave her the opportunity, and then her main focus is to help Palestinians. This is her dream. Palestine is her dream. One day soon may she return to do good and work on her people. 

With love, From Palestine