Olive Harvest in Palestine

I saw this great article in the telegraph about destination you must visit, Palestine. They have the most beautiful pictures showing the olive harvest with some incredible pictures, all very beautiful in their own right.

People are smiling with joy and pride for their produce and their lands that are so wonderful and vast. The magic of it all and the history and culture can be felt through every picture taken.

From little boys giving the thumbs up to beautiful women smiling in traditional dress, you feel a connection, but my favourite is of the one below. A proud independent Palestinian woman picking the olives off her tree during harvest time.

Palestinian Woman Harvesting her Olive tree

Palestinian Woman Harvesting her Olive tree


Palestine is the land of the Olive tree as we know as it has won awards for the quality of the flavour and standard. We need to keep supporting Palestine and its people and produce.

Have a look at the link of the Telegraph and see for yourself the little wonders of the small and irreplaceable olive.

I use Olive oil soap, and also olive oil on my skin and hair. It makes me feel and look young.

Look and try for yourself and see.

With Love, From Palestine!