Trompe L'oeil in Gaza

In Gaza where things seem to be pretty unbearable, a young woman has turned her room into a safe haven full of art taking her away from the horrible world outside her window.

Her project is called 100 days of solitude in tribute to Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Novel. But Nidaa Badwan has been in her room for more than a year without leaving. She is willing to die there as she has found nothing better around her.

Her isolation from the world around her was a healing process for her. She blossomed in this time and her art work spoke a thousand words. She represented herself in many ways not necessarily showing the war and conflict in Gaza but in a more subtle artistic deep way that you feel emotionally connected to her and can empathise with her paintings.

She had left the house only twice in 15 months: on Jan. 22, to view the opening of her exhibit via Skype at a Gaza City hotel, and two days later to see a doctor. “I ordered a taxi and the car was black, the windows were closed, nobody could see me,” she said. “I closed my eyes. I put on headphones — ‘What a Wonderful World.’ My head was down. I didn’t want to break my isolation. I didn’t want to see Gaza.”
— Nidaa Badwan - New York Times

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