Palestine's Picasso

A thirteen year old boy Named Mohammad Quraiqe, has been getting much attention for his beautiful and creative artworks. He comes form a town that has been hit the hardest from Israel last summer. This town is called Shujaiya.


As one can notice from the images, they reflect images of war and suffering, which is probably what he knows best. He has been living in a was since his birth. The images he paints are very powerful and he has received great reception of them around the Middle East showing in exhibitions and galleries. As well as exhibiting in other countries, he was also able to show his work in his country too. A great achievement i am sure. 


Apart from image of suffering, he is also known for his works on famous Palestinian leaders and officials, most notably Yasser Arafat below. His paintwork is wonderful and fiery as you can see in his every brush stroke. 

He is a mighty little Picasso hiding in the midst of chaos who is truly having a light shine on him for all the right reasons. 

With Love, From Palestine