Black Intifada

I have been catapulted into the world of cyberspace since launching and writing my cookbook app. For reasons that are obvious. I am connecting with like minded people, learning, reading, observing and experimenting. 

I have encountered some amazing people, chefs, bloggers, foodies and some extremely vocal people. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of these people and others not yet. 

This morning i woke up to find some lovely images. Images from a man that calls himself the Black Intifada. I loved his name from the moment i saw it. I felt already connected to his message before i knew what he was writing about. He is writing about inequality, injustice and freedom. He re-tweeted a picture of a African American man in Baltimore who was arrested during a demonstration wearing a Palestine T-shirt. He was sitting next to a man in a the jail who had a T shirt on with the hash-tag #BlackLivesMatter. 

What an amazing way for humans to support each other when they have been oppressed. Two totally opposing people, upbringing, culture, history but yet a same common fact to unite them, FREEDOM. 

Please support freedom and their right to help people whom ever they may be with quiet voices be heard. Not through violence but through love and common sense. 

With Love, From Palestine