Hitting the wall

We all know that marathons are long, longer than 5 miles, 10 miles, even 20 miles. The Palestinians of Bethlehem know this more than we do. As they prepare for their training and running, they are very much hit by a structure that they cannot go around or run around.

Gaza race1.PNG

The western wall that blocks them is an obstacle that they cannot move. But they do not let that stop them. They simply run back and forth to accumulate the miles. All 26 miles. 


The do 2 laps of 13 and a bit miles to make up for the continuous run that they cant do. They will not let Israeli oppression of their movement stop them from doing what they want. Moving, living, breathing. 

Gaza Race.PNG

They have more to live for than stopping at the wall. They simply run back the way they came from. More than 3000 runners took place in this race in Palestine, more than half are women.

While they run , they hit this wall, and also 2 camps on the way, where they see the daily struggle of enclosed Palestinians. They run to tell the world a different story of the Palestinians. A positive and peaceful version of what is usually depicted in the news.

Gazan Nationals were not allowed to enter this race by Israel until this year and saying that, a Gazan won the race in Bethlehem's Manger square this last year. A true wonder and great joy for all in Palestine.

Gaza race winning.PNG

May they all be blessed and have success.

With Love, From Palestine